Hello every one,

With the help of wikipedia,YouTube and the Brain software, i try to make a compendium where you can find everything about  this universe - multiverse knowledge bundled together.

This work is meant for students to help them find important information in the frame of there studies. I tryed to reach every possible domain, to have a central point where students can find everything they need in a minimum searching time. I will regularly update the system so that the treated objects stays actual and correct.

This work is still in progress. Have Fun !

Hi Gerard,

Very interesting and ambitious compendium ... ÃƒÆ’ƒÂ°Ã…¸ËœÅ½

I'm sure that you plan to create more links among the thoughts. For example, Newton was a physicist but he was also an astronomer and a mathematician. One of the best features of TheBrain is the ability to easily create two-way links to display the interconnectedness of the various pieces of information. 

Also, if you use URL links to the mobile version of Wikipedia, the pages will look better in TheBrain's embedded browser.

How will you be expanding the information within each domain, as well as adding domains?

BTW, have you seen James Burke's Knowledge Web?
Hello Cerebrum (how is your first name by the way?).

1°) Yes of course i will interconnect the Physicists By i want first work out all the domains which is a huge work to do but i'll succeeded.
I work this out on a 4 - 5 hours daily basis.
2°) Yes i know about the better working of the native applications for each kind of mobiles (IOS or Android).

The most work will relay on the Medicine thought because i am not a doctor and the look up information is about 10.000 syndroms.
This will take me more than 6 months to put it all together. 

I think all domains are stuffed for my goal but their may still details to fill up.

Yes I saw James' Knowlegde web but it is based on another ordering style. I want to do it more top-bottom based (it's a programmer habbit).

Thanks for your concern,

One more thing, Every domain is linked with 4 same item on each of them:

Lectures, Glossary, Branches subdivision and editors (toolset with which you can work).

This similarity help enormous the student to find quickly a needed information.
Good stuff, thanks for sharing!
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250

The Near future

With the  upwsing of new technology like 3d simulations and virtual-augmented reality it will be possible for students to: not only learn the basic theoretical stuff but also test their knowledge on the workfloor. This from  all corners of the world behind their desktop in a virtual surrounding just bij clicking a link from TheBrain. At the present, NVIDIA  has developed and recently released a new graphic card (Titan V)   which is capable to process millions of teraflops and output enormous quantities of frames per second.
Here is a demo: 

Technical  specs of the Titan V graphical card :

It's Upswing i.s.o upwsing sorry !

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