Windows 10, build x158 - This is repeatable for both new Types and new Tags. 

Suspect it may be known, but if not here are observations from messing around with this a TMI 2 cents worth.


  1. Activate a Thought.
  2. Select Thought>Type or Tag from the main menu.
  3. Don't enter anything in the New Type or Tag name popup boxes.
  4. Do something ESC; click in the plex, content window, another main menu; etc.  
  5. Regardless, an empty Type or a partial Tag item is created.  Types: no name or icon, Tags: no name, but w/preassigned pricetag icon:  
  6. Even if one DOES enter text in the new Type/Tag popup, pressing ESC creates an empty Type/Tag...doesn't abort the create fcn.  Instead, clicking somewhere after entering a name preserves what was typed (the intent, I presume...vs. requiring a confirmation??) an ESC issue, imo.
  7. These empty/partial Type/Tag Name and icon properties show up in all the right both the keyboard Type/Tag Activation and Thought properties Type/Tag buttons' respective lists; Tag icon (only) pinned on the Thought in the plex; etc.  
  • Activated empty Types in the "Type Plex" present a red dot; Activated partial empty Tags in the "Tag Plex" present with the pricetag icon.  The empty Type/Tag properties can be edited normally to add Names and icons.
  • New empty/partial Types/Tags cannot be created via alternate paths: e.g., plex's Thought property's Type/Tag buttons>New.  Here the blinking red label box reminders trigger if "new" type/tag is clicked without entering text in the list boxes.  And, ESC properly works to abort, unlike #4 and #6 above.
  • Empty Types/Tags cannot be created from existing ones by deleting the icon (no problem) and the Name (old names stubbornly remain when deletion attempted - a good stubborn!) via properties.


  1. Abort the Tag/Type creation process if nothing's entered, regardless of what's pressed/clicked..or
  2. Don't allow continuing without a name entered.  Apply the same blinking red namebox design as used in other Type/Tag create interfaces; ESC to abort is required...or
  3. A different approach...present the Thought>Type/Tag menu differently: e.g, clone what's used in the plex Thought property>Tag/Type button list - functionality and presentation

#2 is probably a quick fix and will work (heads up, placement of the new name dialog box has some bugs in that it can span outside the Brain, and even show up outside TB - see attached screen sniplets)
#3 sounds good since it'd add consistency with other Tag/Type lists, but it would break from other top level menu cascading look/feel; and opening a new Tag/Type window right away rather than cascading might not be desired either.  Anyway, I leave it here for pondering.  Consistency is my 2 cents worth in this rambling.  

Minor issue Naming new Types/Tags:

Change the text: "Thought Name" in Thought>Type/Tag>New item boxes to "New Type Name", "New Tag Name".  It's misleading as-is since Thoughts, Types and Tags are different entities.  


Happy St. Patty's Day!


Thanks for the detailed write-up. Very helpful This has been added to our queue to be fixed.
Thanks, Harlan.  Quick work - the main issues, creation of empty or partial Types/Tags and ESC not working fully looks squashed in build x.161; looks like you applied Suggestion 1 in my initial post. Great!  
Anyway, I'm not sure what was assigned to 3645, 3675, 3465...but for clarity, what I'm seeing yet in x.161 is two of the smaller issues I ran across before still exist. For the first, I've included a more information:

  1. Placement - and the program/OS scope - of new Type and new Tag name boxes (via the menu path, Thought>Type(/Tag>New) has issues. - when TB9 is not maximized: Usually, but not always, the new name popup spans outside the left of a TB9 window...see previous post attachments.  
    - whenTB9 is maximized, The new name popup shows up well inside TB9, but the popup's scope still seems problematic: If one leaves the popup open then ALT-tab switches to another application, then back to TB9, the popup is gone (seemingly like alt-tab = esc wrt the popup, which would be understandable if that's the design).  However it's NOT gone.  The alt-tab app list shows a separate program instance, showing just the box (see attachment).  I don't think this is Windows 10-normal, but am not 100% sure??  Regardless, if one then alt-tabs and selects that odd progam instance, TB9 then appears with the popup where it originally was.  Expected, unexpected?  It's unexpected behavior to me, esp given the behaviour with non-maximized TB9. 
  2. The popups still say "Thought Name" rather than New Type or New Tag Name as the background text reminder.  

Take care.

TB9 - alt-tab showing rogue window.jpg 

Thanks again for posting.  The "separate program instance" issue of the New Type/Tag dialog box is documented, but not yet addressed.  Also, I agree that the new dialog boxes for the creation of Types and Tags should be properly labeled.  This has been documented as well.

I'm not quite sure what screen/area you are referring to when you say "not working fully looks squashed" - could you include a screenshot?


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