Is it possible to make connections or links to Google Contacts?

I'm interested in creating a "Visualizing People Networks" brain as described in this video: 

It would be great if one could use the existing data from the Google Contacts database to create it. Is it possible to create links to Google Contacts? I searched a lot but couldn't find any information about this. Only about Outlook, which apparently doesn't work anymore. I don't use Outlook and work on a Mac.

I saw that it's possible to make a connection to Google Calendar.
Sorry to see no one has responded to your question about the "people network" described in TheBrain team's video.

I don't use Google contacts that much, but I did a bit of digging this evening, and I discovered you can access your list of Google contacts here:

Then, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will have an option (n the left-hand menu) to switch to the OLD version of Google's contact list.

This, in turn, will allow you to eventually access the individual profiles of everyone in your contact list:
> Click on their bold name
> On the next page, under "Connected Profiles", click on their user name.
> This will take you to their Google profile.

Based on this, it looks like it would be a time and labor intensive task to add each of your contacts in your brain (unless there is another automated way to do this?) -- but, if you wanted to create your people network this way, it could be done, since each person has a profile with a unique URL.

Don't know if this helps to answer your question, but I thought I'd share this info just in case....
crisrich - I used to use the Google Contact notes section for my important contacts in The Brain, linking to their Google Contact record.  Worked fine.  It was helpful because I had those notes on my phone.  But now, with The Brain for iOS working so well, I've switched to using the Notes in The Brain for each contact, instead of Google Contact Notes.  I copied and pasted the important notes into The Brain.  I work exclusively with Contacts in The Brain - just makes it easier to have only one place to look for notes.  Before I make a call, I'll activate the contact thought in The Brain, either on the phone or my desktop, review their notes, make the call and then add more notes after the conversation as appropriate.  I'm trying as much as possible to keep everything in The Brain.

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