So whats the Story . This is the make or brake issue for me . Can the user easily get info into TheBrain on the fly whilst working on other applications THEN open TheBrain later and sort/delete/organize information easily and intuitively (because the dropped files on the right node zone).
There appears to be a geek following that loves to spend their time curating their stuff . I want solutions to controlling information easily , logically and intuitively . So when I go looking for some info much later its all in the zone say Art Works or History , I get information reinforcement about things that I had forgotten about : connections and ideas then become apparent . The world is becoming so complex and moving so fast us humans need a way of reminding ourselves(apart from doing a Spotlight search , in which case I wouldn't need the brain anyway) as to how and when and where we stored a file .
You see the beauty of using the inbox I suggested is that in many cases we don't need to go in and deal with the information that we place on a node . Perhaps a month later when a PHD student is looking or an obscure thing he vaguely remembered looking at she could go to the area node and find it in the inbox . Or the Art Collection , grabbing stuff on the fly and dropping things onto different art categorizes .The user feels secure on dropping the link that they WILL be able to find it or it Will turn up because it has been intuitively filed (on an inbox node ) .
Those dropped file can be easily dragged off the Inbox to another node in the vicinity and automatic link can be then added and the file can be dropped . Same goes for groups of files .
I really hope you guys sort something out cause I'm struggling will a jumble of information , that of course if I was a computer I could easily organize but alas I'm only a human AI ! Also I would be careful as the are millions of hungry people out their who might perfect your system (say in China) and gazump you . Look at Ubers new competitors or Apple .
Here's a link to feedback from Patrick in a previous discussion indicating that an In Box will soon be coming:

In the meantime, I have manually created a topical inbox system that I use with TheBrain docked on the side of my screen. It allows me to "quick drop" anything into the main InBox or, if I have time, into one of my topical in boxes.

"Gardening" follows later when I have time to focus on sorting and organizing.


I just wanted to reply here too in case you didn't see the response on the other/duplicate thread.  The 'smart filtering' inbox is a great idea and I'll be sure to share your thoughts with the team.  There's no yes/no answer yet as to if it can be done, since the inbox feature itself is still in active development.

Thank you,
Hello Matt , Just one final clarification and I will cease lobbying . I have tried to make this a clear as possible :-)
What I imagine is a Fixed Base underlying Template set by the developer of something like an inverted tree structure. The User then creates a template in The Main Brain by selecting the most important Thoughts say 15 (so we don't start with a 'perfect' system but a workable static system but with visual design relevancy ; not some dynamic malfunctioning one that gives everybody a headache OR conversely merely a list of Thoughts with no design orientation relevancy.
Only shortcuts can be accepted so any large files will 'Fall Though' the Template Inbox (to the select folder behind it) leaving behind a short cut to the larger file that will be added when TheBrain file is opened .
We could also have a small noter that adds to a Thought Inbox (say a tag on the side of the Thought on the Tree to give relevancy to dropped files .
When a dragged file hits the screen boundary a list of Brain Template Icons open and then dragging the file over the particular Brain Template icon the Tree Template pops out into the main screen and the User drags the file over a desired Thought .The Thought then highlights and the user drops the file .A shortcut is added to that Thought in the Addon Template which will be transfused to the TheBrain file Thought when the main program file is opened.

The Inbox on a Thought ,when TheBrain file is opened , could be displayed up by clicking producing a popup .At the top of that Thought InBox are icons to Sort By : Date , File type, , Name ; next to each file SC is a checkbox to import the file or delete , so the User can click through ordering of these Inboxed files (and so notes added develop powerful relevancy) , then grabs a group of files and drag them out to a Thought anywhere in The Brain and drop them there Thus creating new child thoughts or jump thoughts .

OK well thanks for listening I won't persist in annoying you lot with lobbying ,who knows what TheBrain Teams have got coming . Best of luck Chas
Great feedback for our future Inbox feature.  Thank you for taking the time to share and we've documented the requests.


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