A key feature that is missing from TheBrain is a "macro" dates option ...

In addition to the day/week/month option the most useful date views would be a (1) month/year and (2) year option. Having this facility available as one of the date views/connectors means a whole range of "things' could be connected to a month/year or just a year. For a whole range of reasons, many "things" cannot be linked to a specific day/month/year.

This would be incredibly powerful for a whole range of applications ... and to my way of thinking is a major shortcoming in an otherwise great product!

Please make this additional functionality available ASAP!
I made a post about timelines in PB.  Maybe it'll help you out in the meantime.

agnor's method is a wonderful tool in lieu of this option.  I'd recommend reading the post, and taking the time to set up a simple timeline.

I created a timeline going from the present common era, back to 4000 BCE.  Because I love history, I've used this to catalog any information that has a date attached to it.  Personal items are in a different color from General Topics, so it's easy to look at a date, and see historical as well as personal information side-by-side in a glance.

Though I must admit, there's no personal information logged as far back as 4000 BCE .

John A. Taylor
PB Pro 6
Win XP, Win 7
I like time lines too. 
Especially useful for Project Management functionality.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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