Deleting brains could be a friendlier process

  1. If we use Delete Local Brain... then the contextual menu option to Delete Remote Brain… is no longer available.  How then would we delete the remote brain?
  2. So, if we don't delete the local brain and try to delete the remote brain, we get an error


I suggest just one contextual menu command: Delete…, which would lead to a dialog asking "what do you want to delete" and in the dialog offer two checkboxes: Delete local brain and Delete remote brain.  So we could do either one, the other, or both, in a single action.   This dialog could even offer to create a backup archive before deleting.  

Then, next, we could be shown the standard are-you-sure-your-data-will-die-and-you-will-be-sad dialog.

Also, in the cloud app.thebrain.com if I delete a brain, the are you sure dialog opens, the brain is deleted, but I cannot dismiss the dialog.  I assume this is just another annoying Sierra/Safari issue -- since Safari 10 does not work with a lot of web dialogs.
Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions. The issue of not being able to delete a remote brain when there is no local copy has already been addressed for the next release. We are also aware of the server error that is sometimes happening when the remote deletion is attempted.

Unfortunately there are still many issues with the web client and it is not yet ready for serious use.

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