DevonThink app has an addon called Sorter that sits as a tab on window .This small addon can collect information for DevonThink user created databases .The addon is small quick app that can start with OSX (or window) . When the main DT application is opened then the information held in Sorter is transured into the relevent Brains . Why not have something similar with TheBrain  .Another style app could do a similar thing called Unclutter .
Why not have templates of a users TheBrainsin this popout addon so that the we can just drag a link or file onto the template outine node And that information will be transfured into TheBrain on opening .
DT Sorter also has a noting spot also .

Or what about a TheBrain area that information can be dumpted into that sorts like a mind map and that the user can inspect info colleted by different metrics ; date file type origon spelling ... .TheBrain templates could be stored in this app also where the user can file or discard new info easily .
I see so many opportunities to widen usage and satisfy a broader range of customers

I could go on about all the other options or opportunities . I bought TheBrain in 2010 and I find that it still has this integration problem .
Is this a good description of the DevonThink Sorter?

Is there another description that is better?

Since I'm not a DevonThink (or Mac) user, I'm still trying to understand the basic functionality of the Sorter to see how it might be integrated with TheBrain.

Also, how would your recommended app differ from simply (manually) creating an In Box in TheBrain with multiple child thoughts specifically designed to sort new items?

Or, is your request for a brain add-on that runs while TheBrain is closed?

For that purpose, I simply keep my brain open and docked (hidden and completely out of the way except for a small tab) on one side of my screen such that the brain itself functions as I imagine the little app you've described...

Will be looking forward to any additional information and clarification you can provide.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Hi Metta,
that's an old description of the Sorter capabilities from beta 2.0. They are now on version 2.8.10

Take a look at the user manual. Very good Sorter description there:

You can also download the product and try it yourself. It's free for 30 days and really great as a unstructured database.
Thanks for the additional info! I look forward to learning more.....

However, I'm not a Mac user, so I don't think there's any way I can actually test the software until I'm prepared to venture into the world of Virtual Boxes.
This sounds a lot like an inbox, something that is in the works for TheBrain. Thanks for sharing. It's always good to see other examples.
DEVONthink also has browser extensions that allow you to add web pages by clicking a toolbar icon in your browser. The extensions are quite sophisticated. When you click the button, it opens a window where you can navigate through your DT hierarchy, to select the folder or create a new folder, add tags, description, modify the title, etc...

This is much more convenient than TheBrain's approach of dragging from the address bar. It would also be nice if TheBrain had a MacOS sharing extension that would allow you to capture data from applications supporting that functionality.

This is something that has been documented and being worked on. Thanks.

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