Hi Devs,

Out of curiosity, how do you manage multi-platform products? I am now managing multi-platforms products and it is quite a headache. Different dev envs, languages, frameworks and databases.

Are you using Embarcadero, Visual Lansa, Xamarin, QT or something? 

Definitely not Unity3D or Unreal Engine 😋
Care to share? (if not that's okay too...).

Thanks for your efforts in developing TheBrain9

Judging by the "ThirdPartyNotices" file that comes along with TheBrain, they're using .NET. Perhaps Xamarin's flavour in particular (maybe? I'm not certain the distinction since Microsoft bought them) as I see they're using Xamarin's XWT.

Looks to me like they could port TheBrain 9 to Linux if they wanted...
I got that impressions too (Xamarin-based), but good hear from the devs if they are willing to share.

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