Can the Google web crawlers penetrate PB 6 site brains finding text that can be returned in Google searches?  In other words, will my PB 6 site brain every come up in a Google search?
Hi Leslie, Thank You for posting. SiteBrain's are not indexed by Google search. However, I would like to inform you that if you upload your Brain to webbrain.com and set your Brain to public visibility, your Brain will be indexed by Google search. Also, if you set your Brain to unlisted visibility your Brain may be indexed, but only if a link to your Brain is listed on an external web server that is crawled by Google. 

Hope this further clarifies on your question.



To clarify further, if you export your site as Simple HTML it IS spidered by search engines.  For one of the sites I manage through PersonlBrain (http://www.dqglossary.com) I output and upload both a SiteBrain version and a Simple HTML version.  The simple HTML version is found and highly ranked on Google etc.  The SiteBrain version is not found.



Add a Website Forum to your website.

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