I was hoping the change in IOS version not downloading attachments would be temporary. I bought IPad with high memory for the purpose of having the attachments with me even when not on the internet.
Hi Sibley,

The attachments do not auto download when syncing your Brain. However, they will download when you go to access them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Some devices have very limited storage space, and Brains with many internal attachments would quickly fill that space up. So we let the user's selectively choose which attachments to download to their mobile device.

Cheers, Sean
Hi shatcher,

i am currently using the Brain 9 demo version on my PC. Using my iPad to access the same brain, I notice that attachement don’t download at all even if I access a thought containing one. Why is this? Is it related to the demo version or am I missing a set up or way to handle? Thanks for your help.

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