Shift+dragging a link to parent thoughts exclusively links it, i.e. unlinks any pre-existing parents.  Useful stuff, used frequently.

If this is done for thoughts having a type set to 'Visible when parent of active thought', it also clears the thought type from the active thought.  I reckon a more expected behavior would be to exclusively link to the new parent (as it currently does), but retain the current type of the active thought.
Speaking of frequently, who ever has tried?
To freely ride
on the thoughts and beat
music could be anything,
as long as it's something you like.

I mean just freeflow create a brain on the fly.

Is the reason TheBrain developers have not added a third jump level of viewable desendants,
due to technical difficulties?  Or is it because they know, that if you can't see the second jump....
If you can't hold that in your mind, you can't see the third.
I'll try explaining another way: If you can't guess the future, then guessing the future of the future is even less likely.
What I'm trying to say in all of this, is that if I could request one, and only one dream future feature for the brain it would be 3d nav.
Imagine a 3d navigable brain.
The thing it gives you is "Distance between thoughts represents relevance", which is not possible with the current nav.

Navisworks, autocad, Rhino, versacad, ZBrush, 3dsmax, BroCad©, Inventor, SPR, S3D, Microstation, MS 3D viewer, FBX converter, PDMS, PDS, Blender, After Effects, Freedom, PS3, PS4, Xbox, DreamCast, VR, CloudWorx, LFM, Maya, Unity, Unreal, Mathcad, Excel charts, real life, Revit, ProStructures, AutoPipe, Solidworks, ….

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE TheBrain.
Just want to keep the developers honest 😉

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