Been a while since I've used TB.  Upgraded to 9 ...

What happened to expanded view?  Am I missing it, or is it not there (fully).

When I click Expand All, the alt message is "Show one more"; Collapse all is "show one fewer).

I'l like to be able to show 3-4 levels at one time. ... can do? or no?

Thank you for posting. TheBrain 9 now features MindMap view.  The same functionality of Expanded View still applies, and you can click on the Expand All (plus button) to visualize additional generations.  The main difference of the new MindMap view is that the Thought location/placement is pre-defined in a classic "mind map" branching layout. Here is a link to a brief tutorial that demonstrates how MindMap view works:

Additionally, we do have the classic Expanded View documented as a feature request for a future release.

Thank you,

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