I've bought PersonalBrain and have started to make heavy, heavy use of it.

So far I keep everything in one brain.

Now... one of the parts of the brain is Timeline: pretty much a diary of sorts. I would like to be able to export all entries under Timeline.

However, export gives me only the option to export the selection. If Timeline is the selection I end up with a one thought export.... If I select Timeline and the years under it I get the thought Timeline + the year thoughts but nothing under it...

In other words, to export this section of my brain I would need to manually select each and every entry and then export...

It would be great to have the option to export the selected thought + X children/parents "away" or "under" the selected thought.

I realize that the brain not being a cascading folder structure makes such partial export logic a "bit" harder but I thought I would throw it out there as a spoiled end-user :-)

Glad to hear your Brain is getting used.

The feature you are requesting is Edit > Crawl Brain and Modify Selection.

Amazing... Really amazing stuff.



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