I am in the midst of entering in all of my contact info and website info and all that info-madness. Currently they are in a series of text files and csv files that I can easily access and update as needed. Importing them by hand since I can't seem to figure out how to do a text outline.

But I realized that if I do that and become TheBrain dependent on it all (only doing updates on TheBrain notes, not my text files), then I am stuck with it, for good or evil.

Can the contents of a brain be exported? Such as an outline or whatever? I can see Import, and have used it with some mindmaps I've created.
Take a deep breath and count to zen.
You can currently export your Thoughts and Notes to a text file:

-Ctrl-click on a Thought (cmd-click on macOS)
-Ctrl-click on other Thoughts or click that Thought to make it active
-Edit > Select Related Thoughts
-Choose the direction and number of steps to include
-Right-click in the selection box and Copy as Text Outline with Notes
-Paste in a word editor to see your outline

We also offer
the option to export to JSON. Here are the basic instructions you would need to know:

To Create:

1) Choose File > Backup to Brain Archive...

To Access JSON:

1) Rename the resulting .brz file to .zip and extract it.

2) The resulting folder contains JSON files as well as the notes and internal attachments from the source Brain.

Here is also a link to our import/export tutorial for further information:

TheBrain Technologies

Thanks! That worked. I feel better about it now. I already am backing up the various folders and the like. Now I can regularly do this and back that up as well.

I am a writer and losing files makes me itchy. I back up my backups!
Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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