The feature request is about creating Thought shortcut/link from the Internal Attachment.

The difference between this and creating a shortcut/link from an external source is that TheBrain can make the path relative to TheBrain files.

This is an alternative to the following scenarios:

1. For those who want everything internally but cannot because of limited HDD space. 

Solution: With the feature request, the user can create a symlink of the Thought folder. This Thought folder is where you will put all the attachment.

In TheBrain, it will look like an Internal Attachment, this is where you would drag+drop or right-click on an attachment and select Internal Attachment Link,

This will create a Thought shortcut from the Internal attachment and paste it as a new Thought in TheBrain. 

They can even create same Internal Attachment Link to several new Thought, all linking back to the Internal Attachment.

Instead of trying to put everything in one large HDD, the user now has options, he/she can use a small SDD to launch TheBrain which will make it faster without any worry that it will eat all the space, and just symlink a Thought Folder on a separate HDD.  

2. For those who want everything externally because of their own folder setup but don't wan't to lose all their shortcut due to changes in HDD drive letter.

Solution: With the feature request, the user creates a new Thought to have a Thought Folder, inside this Thought Folder the user will put his/her folder setup.

In TheBrain, it will be an Internal Attachment, the user will use the attachment link to create new Thoughts. 

Shortcut/Link Before:

Shortcut/Link After:

 The BrainAttachment would be relative to TheBrain files of a Brain, so you won't have to worry about changing Drive Letters and retain your folder setup.

If TheBrain files resides in E:\Folder\Folder\Files, the BrainAttachment will know its on the Drive E:\.

3. There are other scenarios that can benefit with this feature.


Thanks for posting.  Just to clarify, are you specifically referring to creating attachments that are paths to pre-existing, internal file attachments in your Brain?  For example, Thought X has an internal Word Attachment - Thought Y, needs the same attachment. So rather than linking the two thoughts and instead of duplicating the file, you create an attachment for Y that is pointing to the Word file on X - correct?

This can currently be done manually:
  • Navigate to a thought with an internal attachment
  • open thought's containing folder
  • drag and drop file attachment (as a link) elsewhere in TheBrain
I'm happy to write up a request for a more automated process within the application. 

Thank you,
Correct Matt![thumb]

A more automated process is much better![comp]

Thank you for confirming.  I've documented your request.

May I put one on top?

Got thought A, with (internal) attachment A1.
Got thought B, with notes. Here I want to insert a link to attachment A1.

See also: contextual menu on thought, item "Copy Local Thought URL" ...

Thank you Christian,

I've updated 3657 to include using the relative path in a Note as well.


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