In TB8 when I dragged an attachment off of one thought and onto another, the default action was to MOVE the attachment. This is the default behavior I would prefer.

However, in TB9 the drag/drop/move option doesn't even seem to be available.

Instead, if I try to drag and drop an attachment from one thought to another, I get the following set of options which does not include the option of moving the attachment:


Please note:
  • The "Add" command simply copies the attachment instead of moving it.
  • "Navigate to Existing Attachment" is useless because that's where I'm already located.

The only other strategy I've found for moving attachments is to manually cut and paste the attachment from one thought to another, which is considerably less convenient and more time consuming.

In light of this:
  • Are there plans to restore the option to drag/drop/move attachments from one thought to another?
  • If not, could this drag/drop/move option be submitted as a feature request if it is not already on the list?
This behavior is very annoying. 
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
Thank you Metta and Zen.  This is a documented feature request.  Ideally, TheBrain will follow your Drag and Drop settings to either Move, Copy or Link...

Perfect! Thanks, Matt, for confirming this is a documented feature request. :-)

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