Can we have more control over viewing thought icons, please?  I have several images that I attach to specific thoughts as thought icons, but the default (and only) zoom level when you over over is still too small to make the contents of the image visible.  Can we have a right click when viewing a zoomed icon that will launch the O/S's default image viewer so we can see the image in all it's glory?

I know I can open the thought folder and view the image from there, but it is somewhat laborious.

Also - can the app store images at their native resolution rather than downsampling them?  My original image is 97kb, PB4 downsamples it to 67kb and in the process makes it almost unreadable.

Hi Nick, PB4 downsamples images and limits their size because if it does not, it will quickly run out of memory when loading many images. In the future, we may allow the user to fine tune these settings.

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