Hello TheBrain family,

I love to use the wander function. It helps me reinforce the links in my digital brain in my own mind, which boosts my creativity.

I would love for wandering to be a mode that I can control in realtime. There could be a pause and rewind button, as well as speed controls. When I click rewind, it goes to the thought just wandered from, but if I click rewind and hold down, I can scrub back through the thoughts. With the speed control I can speed things up and down without having to exit wander mode.

Finally, it would be great to be able to choose which directions the wandering can go in: all directions, just children and parents, just siblings, etc, all while the wandering is happening.

Would love to hear your thoughts,

With version 8 I tried to use Wander a few times and found it useless because it lacks what Moltaire is asking for and a few other capabilities. IMO, Wander should:

- Offer everything suggested by Moltaire.


- Show the notes for each thought it goes through - I remember trying that but the notes frame was minimized and the plex maximized when TB started the Wander process... might have changed already or maybe I don't know how to use it.

- Offer Cinematic Wander Mode! 

This would be an enhanced/automated presentation mode where TB moves to a new thought, shows images, videos and text that might be attached to the thought, with enough time for a viewer to consume all the information, before moving to the next thought.

All the images, videos and notes (and attached powerpoint decks???) should be shown with pop-up windows - visually appealing - without edit mode menus or icons visible (full-screen mode).

The transition from one thought to another should be slower... kind of more cinematic (the users should include linkage labels), to help build the connections in our human brains (meaning, allowing humans to learn).

There should be a "keyboard lock" to prevent unauthorized viewers from getting out from the Cinematic Mode - useful for Kiosk mode (museum/store use cases below).

Eventually, a basic search option should be offered, to focus wander on that section of the brain.

Use Case
- Imagine this used by students to study... Teachers/students could create brains to teach/learn a topic.

- A museum could use it to show information to visitors.

- A large store could use it to advertise different store sections / products.

- A web site could use it to show content in a semi random way - think animated Wiki - this would require wander to work in a browser and be able to "hide" the information source (TB online).


Why is it different from PowerPoint in automated mode?

Because it could scale to thousands of items, would navigate in a semi-random way (making it more interesting to viewers), would show the links between items - brain connections, would let users have some control on navigation directions although continuing to navigate randomly later. 


...yes, this would be cool. I think!

Thanks for sparking the idea discussion, Moltaire.

Moltaire wrote:

Finally, it would be great to be able to choose which directions the wandering can go in: all directions, just children and parents, just siblings, etc, all while the wandering is happening.

Has anyone asked for obeying link directions before? It may be useful in constructing a presentation.

And as Links can have content, should they be included?

Personally I've never really wanted to use Wander... I'd more go with a designable Presentation mode that can be created and played back.
TB working in Prezi mode? That would be interesting.

Instead of semi-random Wander mode, make it pre-defined. That would work too. I guess that if we have the pre-defined like Perry is suggesting, then the Wander is very easy to do.


Wow - lots to digest here.  

On the Prezi subject: We've certainly used TheBrain for presentations ( "Prezi-mode" ) But obviously we were clicking on specific thoughts when it was time to go to the "Next Slide".  The great thing I like about TheBrain for presentations is that I'm not on a set track.  If the audience likes a particular feature/slide/topic more than others, I can skip to a different area of my Brain rather than forwarding through unused slides.  

If you're interested, I highlighted some of these Brain Presentation features in a recent webinar at My comparison of TheBrain vs. PowerPoint comes in at around the 42 minute marker.

I'll document the Wander + enhancements for all to review.

Thank you,

Being able to read notes and expanding images is also a top request of mine. With wander I want to stimulate my brain as much as possible and refresh old ideas to the max.
I think Presentation Mode and Wonder+ are two very different beasts... and should not be confused (sorry if I started it [wink] )

but if Wonder+ (or ++) is meant as a stimulation, then some thought should also be given to notes and attachments (for thoughts and links)... I know that I may not always put everything into the Title, or even the notes, if it's explained in the attachments: so unless the attachment is included I'm not getting the full idea.
Noted. Thanks Moltaire

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