Szenario (illustrated by the attached screenshot):

  1.  Using drag & drop (setting: move into TheBrain), I've moved a folder from the file system into TheBrain.
  2. As the folder was empty I chose to forget it.
  3. Then I opened the report area to display the 'Forgotten' thoughts.
  4. Using the menu in the 'Sort' line, I chose to delete all forgotten thoughts.
  5. Then I got this silly GERMAN error message (my translation into English: Source and target paths must have identical root directories. You cannot move across volumes). Source and target were/are on the same volume!

This message is silly, because I chose English for my interface language. So where does this message come from? Why can't I delete an empty folder within TheBrain?

Right now, I'm stuck with these forgotten thoughts that I can't delete.
Reinhard TB, WIN 10

The quality of good products is the
result of the attention paid to details.

Thank you for sharing. I'm attempting to replicate this issue.  Can you confirm that the "functional programming in Python" folder was empty and you moved it into TheBrain.  Then forgot the thought.  Then deleted all forgotten Thoughts from the report - correct?

Thank you,
thanks for your response! Let me try to illustrate this with yet another video clip.
It might help if you read this text in parallel to the video clip and start and stop the clip at the corresponding sentences of the following description.

I have copied this very page to an empty folder using the 'Save as' command of Firefox.
In my Brain, I have created a thought named 'Undelete Demo'.
At this point the video starts.

At the top you see my brain, at the bottom the copied page (two files).
First, I drag & drop both files onto the thought 'Undelete Demo'.
During this process an 'Unexpected Error' happens (second 00:08).
I accept the default in the corresponding dialog box an click on 'Continue'.
The drag & drop process finishes.
Then I open the 'Notes' area of the thought.
Besides 'Notes', the two imported files (one folder + one file) ar shown.
The I open the context menu of the thought 'Undelete Demo' and select 'Forget "Undelete Demo"'.
After that, I close the Notes area and open the Report area with Thoughts 'Forgotten' selected.
There you see my undeletable thoughts together with the newly forgotten 'Undelete Demo'.
Now I try to delete all forgotten thoughts.
A 'refresh' shows, that this didn't work (at 00:50).
Now I choose 'Delete "Undelete Demo"' from the context menu of the forgotten thought.
But this also doesn't work.
I reopen the Notes area of the thought (at 01:05) and try to delete the folder attachment (at 01:09).
This gives a final 'Error while deleting' 'Contraint' (at 01:14).
From then on the thought is undeletable.

This process is reproduceable.
I guess, that the first error ('Unexpected Error' at 00:08) is the decisive factor.
Somehow TheBrain doesn't seem to able to import all of the contents of the folder.
Normally, it's not a problem to move such folders around that have been created by Firefoxes's 'Save as' command.

I hope, this helps a little more.

PS: That's not a Firefox problem. The same happens with Chrome.
Reinhard TB, WIN 10

The quality of good products is the
result of the attention paid to details.
I cannot confirm that the folder was empty, but probably there was an error while copying the folder into the brain.
Reinhard TB, WIN 10

The quality of good products is the
result of the attention paid to details.

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