I'm trying to make sense of some external data that I loaded into a brain, but a major hurdle I am seeing is that there is no possibility to search for *any* part of the thought name (ie there are thoughts "cby" and "mby" - I'd like to see these when I search for "by"). Or did miss something somewhere...? (Being able to use Regex would be dream!)

Thanks for posting.  This was working at one time, but does not seem to work in the latest build.  I'll check with engineering to see it this is under construction...

Thank you,
Due to the way the index works, searches starting mid-word are not possible. You will find that all indexes searches perform this way (google, OS file search, etcetera).
Well, I'm not neccessarily asking for this to be part of the "QuickSearch", it may well be a separate option. And I think the fact that Google can not do it should be a motivation, not an excuse ;-)
There are a number of very sophisticated programs that will index entire hard drives or any portion of the drives.  I don’t see how these would hurt the brain because they read but don’t change the indexed folders. I have used one of these for years and have found brain attachments in some instances when a more sophisticated search was useful. Once it finds the desired attachment then the attachment can normally be located easily in the brain. I have used a long existing program called DT Search although I have not compared it to competitors in many years.

My point is that different programs have different strengths. The vast majority of the time the Brain search is perfect for the job.

My biggest issue in having all documents searchable is OCRing of non text documents. It is too time consuming to OCR every document when I handle the document. I certainly cannot go back and OCR old documents one by one. I have tried batch OCR outside the brain and the process never goes smoothly. I know no way to batch OCR documents in the brain other than possibly a macro but I know that would not go smoothly. This is why it would be so very cool if the brain automatically did OCR on brain contents
sibleyd wrote:
<snip>  This is why it would be so very cool if the brain automatically did OCR on brain contents

You mean like Evernote does?  (just poking the bear)
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