I am trying to say this carefully, but it's difficult, because it concerns something that really make me angry..

I just bought the Pro Version and discovered that the test brains I produced all have a Brain logo in the plex as well as in the content area.
Before I go one step further I want to loose this ...
I am really VERY disappointed about this abuse of commercial graphics.

It is OK for a sponsored version, but not for a fully paid official Pro-license. When I do presentations with Powerpoint I would be crazy to use this program if it forced me to use a Microsoft logo on every sheet. And this is actually what TheBrain is doing.
Brainless commercial policy as far as I am concerned. So PLEASE: get rid of this feature or tell me how to delete this nonsens. Thanks for understanding Brain-guys... (and girls?)
Not my intention to reply on my own posting, but after a better look at this forum I found that there already was a posting about this SiteBrain issue.
Apparently this advertising regime is mentioned in the small characters of the license agreement I agreed with when I bought the Pro version. Still I think this concerns something that should be mentioned in the product features and not in the license text. It influences in a fundamental way how the result of my work looks.
Because I planned to use a SiteBrain for a writing project the banners on all the pages are downright annoying. For me it is a definitive disappointment. It is something that doesn't belong in a normal version of the Pro-version of TheBrain.

Also, I think a product that is good sells itself. In the past I  promoted TheBrain with some business contacts in the Netherlands, simply because it's the best at what it does. Maybe it's a bit European and we are less used to aggresive sales methods, but this is what this is too me: simply too much and damaging the professional  image I had of TheBrain. I am an author, I want to create something and I want to be in control of how it looks. That simply is the bottom line.
So, again, PLEASE: help me to get rid of this! Thanks.
Thanks for the reference, Ad. I had found Harlans reply already, but it made no big difference.

The fact is that I purchased the Pro Version after I took part in most of the 101 session and asked about what I could do with it.

I posted a link to the project I'm working on and said that I needed to build
HTML web pages with tables where the plex is in one cell and drives the content pages in the other cell that I produced myself. I waited until the end of the session until Matt had covered the other Brain topics and then asked if what I wanted could be done. "no problem" was his answer. So I bought the Pro Version license next day.
And now it turns out that I have to buy a second license or something like that to loose the advertising banners and that even then I cannot do what I want: upgrade the site that is already active on the internet and integrate PB. (Or can I, because it's a public site??) This really is very disappointing, because I had hoped to give this project a boost. I feel my decision to purchase the license was based on incomplete and maybe even wrong information.

The thing is that I really had hoped this 4.0 version could do what I wanted and what I emailed TheBrain about already two years ago. I had been waiting to integrate TB in my site for a long time. It now works with in a very handicaped way, using separate screen captures of every plex in my own PB. When Matt said "no problem" that really was great. And now it turns out to be not so great....
I'm not sure why you can't:
  1. Create a new Personalbrain.
  2. Create a thought for each page, linked the way you want the navigation to work.
  3. Attach a hyperlink of your appropriate website page to the thought, one per thought.
  4. Export with "Open sole URL attachments automatically" chosen.
Maybe I'm missing something?
Granted this won't fix your logo in the plex...

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I guess my question is...   IF you buy the PB Pro version (and by doing so, you get a license key) can you have an option to remove the PB logo since you have purchased the license?

I would think you should be able to do that since you purchased the PRO license key and The Brain is getting their money....

I understand if you use the Brain in eval mode and not paying nothing, that the logo should stay.


PersonalBrain User since 2002
I hope what you say works and I will certainly try this out.
Might get back to you ;-)  But my impression from the license text was when I read it fully after all that you only can produce brains with the information that is used in the notes field. So, as I read this no options to manage the content of other cell in a table according to my own lay-out.
When I tried it so far I couldn't find out how to loose the notes field in a table cell, so I ended up with everything in one cell. But: I will try your suggestions.

I think this is exactly my point. When I build something with the fully licensed version of PB I should have full control over my work and the way it looks. Imagine Adobe doing this, selling products that automaticly put their logo in every graphic that is created....
It is simply not a serious professional way to market a product.
I read that Harlan posting that said:
"Our business depends on sales of both PersonalBrain as well as corporate products and this was the only way we could justify free distribution of SiteBrains."

PB has no database linking options build in whatsoever, so for me this is enough product difference. It is nowhere near the capacities of the BrainEKP. Anyway, this is not the way these doubts should be solved. And again: everything that influences the product should be in the product information.
I payed for a full PB Pro license and was not informed that I was also going to produce advertising material for them.
From my point of view you simply cannot do this.

I'm joining Rus and Finn point of view : having paid the PRO license, i don't agree with being binded by what i'm feeling as a forced advertising politics.

May be, has i have already suggested to the company, a nice way to deal with that problem would be to propose an opt-in affiliate link for PB 4 PRO client ?!

You may not be able to remove the logo...but...... I am now publishing my brains with a disclaimer, and information on how the person viewing the site can disable the logo in Firefox.

In Firefox, if you right click on "TheBrain" logo, you get an option of "Block imgages from this site".  Once you do that the link doesn't appear.  I'm not sure if this can be done in IE yet.  I'm investigating.

I don't believe you are violating any licensing agreement, because you, the owner of the package, are not doing anything to the code or the program. This effectively blocks any images from the personal brain site. If you notice, this logo is not placed via the local code, it is a link to their site. And it blocks "ALL" images from their site, no matter what page the URL link comes from. matter what URL the user is linked to...this blocks ALL images from their site.

I'm sure they'll find a way to change this...but for now....this works for FireFox.

It's a shame to see the PB program operating this way.  It's a great program.  I was telling everyone I know about the program.  Needless to say, that has stopped.  I will probably move my web sites that I use PB for off that platform and only use it as a local (on my own pc) information manager.

I'm glad Microsoft doesn't put their logo on every letter I sent!

(And software publishers wonder why everyone is looking at open source.)

Thanks bryan for the support.
It has been a while since I posted this and I stopped the project  I was working on with TB, partly because of this unsympathetic nonsense. What I also found very disappointing was the fact that TB in almost every question I had about this subject and about another topic (publishing brains with links in the plex that point to another frame/window) never could give real direct answers. Almost as they were evading this possibility. The program is still great, but these commercial and support problems make it look cheap. Real sorry about this.
I went to support and amplify everything said on this thread.  I lashed up with TB a couple of months ago and like most people am really impressed with the underlying technology.  I am a consultant and I was particularly interested in developing TB solutions for my clients.  But I found that it was like pulling teeth trying to get information about the TB business and pricing model.

It was only by quoting a $25K figure as the EKP license cost I saw in another thread, that I got an actual price quote back from TB.  ($25,000 plus $3000 per full user seat).  And with a fee to to the consultant for the right to sell TB. (Go figure.)

I was looking at the brain to support smaller design teams in engineering and advertising.  But a $61,000 bill to support ideation and brainstorming for a 10 person shop is a nonstarter.  I mentioned that to TB and got no response back.

So what we middle-users have, is a great product, but with a pricing and licensing model that is all out of whack.  Which effectively limits TB use to PB to catalog your own personal mind dump.  Or EKP if you are a corporation who wants to use the product for real-time customer support as opposed to idea management.

Unlike the technology itself, pricing models are artifacts.  They can be changed on the fly.  It is perplexing to me that TB does not wish to engage in a conversation with its middle-user (potential) champions as to how the product can be priced in a way that maximizes both their their revenue, our ability of offer TB as part of our solution toolbox the and universe of applications.

Given that other threads in this forum that voice these more penetrating business questions are either avoided or evaded my TB, I assume this thread will be similarly marginalized.

It's a shame.  Because I genuinely like those guys at TB.



What So when I pay a web hosting service to host my SiteBrain, TB gets free advertising because I purchased there software... You gotta be kidding me?

Why are our SiteBrains being held hostage? TB doesn't offer hosting services... I'm not sure I understand this logic... This strategy may have worked before Web 2.0 but with Opensource on the rise this sort of business practice is unsettling and damaging to TB's existing customer base.

I saw a post that states, TB doesn't provide the option to remove the Logo in the plex because they "Allow" us to export multiple sitebrains... Are you kidding me? Adobe, RapidWeaver and the-like also allow unlimited site creation, without self promotion... so this is not a valid marketing position...

So let's keep it real and call it what it is... We're providing "Free Advertising" when we pay a hosting service and upload SiteBrain in our index file structure.

Pirating Adverts... shame on you!

A great piece of software (TB) has the ability to withstand the competition and hold it's own...

Use us... Don't lose us

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I haven't looked at the fine print of the licence agreement, but I presume we are free to do whatever we want with the data files, in particular, surely we can do anything we want with the xml export files. If this is the case then all someone has to do is work out a good way to publish the xml export files as well designed web pages - something simpler than standard sitebrain (i.e. no fancy lines and animated graphics), more along the lines of the simple html sitebrain, but hopefully including extra information such as the tag information. That is, if you use a program not provided by TheBrain to generate the html, using the xml data, you should be able to style the html any way you like, including no TheBrain logos, if this is your wish. If there are licencing issues with this  suggestion, can someone please let us know.
Hi Vlad, You are free to do whatever you would like with your data, even writing a script or using a tool to transform your data to your liking.

Best regards,

I have good news regarding Logos on SiteBrains.. We plan to make the logo appearance optional in our upcoming 5.1 release. In the meantime, you can email us at requesting the logo removal and we can send instructions on how to accomplish this.
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies
Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to say thank you for doing this.  Since you have decided to make the logo optional, I'm going to make sure that each of my site brains has a though about the brain software and a link to your site.  Not on each page, but somewhere that the site visitor can find it if they want to.

You know, we members of this forum are pretty hard on The Brain staff at times.  But I have to say, you all have done a pretty good job of listening, without getting too defensive, and moving the product forward.  I just wanted to say that, even though we sometimes differ on the issues, I do appreciate the open communitions and the ability to discuss the pros and cons of the software, even if it does get a bit heated at times.




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