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Special Anniversary Gift to All Users
20 Years
TheBrain Themes
As a special gift to all our users we are giving away commemorative 20th Anniversary Wallpapers and corresponding Brain Themes. The wallpapers were custom-designed for Brain users by Vanguard Works. Some of the designs celebrate the number 20, others are based on brainwaves and some are just designed to be fun.

Download and try out as many as you like so you can see your Thoughts in a new light, and here’s to the next 20 years of linking our thinking! 

Also feel free to share your new looks and memorabilia on Twitter with #TheBrain20
Get Themes Now
Nice thought for your long time supporters !
It would be nice to get them available for older versions of the brain too !
TheBrain 9.0.250 -  OsX High Sierra &  Win7
If you click on the thumbnail images at the bottom of the blog post, the high resolution images will open and you can copy and paste them as wallpapers into any version of TheBrain.


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