We're a ways away from being able to move the Climate Web megabrain from TB8 to TB9, if only because TB9's Web Client is so much slower.  But I would like to start taking advantage of TB9 for smaller Brains that exist primarily for 3rd party access.  In other words, the user experience via Web Client is pretty much the only thing that matters.  But there are several things I'm running into even in a small brain: 

1) All my thoughts look like they're missing thought icons (a blank black square is sitting where the thought icon would).  Is everyone getting that? 
2) Having all Tags visible is going to be nothing but distracting to users.  I could delete all the Tags but that seems like a pain in the rear given that we could hide the Tags in TB8. 
3) YouTube videos that played so well in TB8's webbrain, don't play at all in TB9. Do I need to move them into the Notes field? (doable in these small Brains, less so in the Megabrain with 2,500 videos). 
4) Pins are scrambled or missing upon import to TB9.  What's really weird is that one of the missing pins thinks its pinned (when I right click it gives me the option of unpinning it).  And there is nothing I can do to get it back up into the pins list at the top.
5. You can't back up via the Back Key in the Chrome browser, which is a real problem given how small the breadcrumb trail is at the bottom of the screen now, and how useful backing out of confusing situations can be for people who don't really know TB.  
6. With alphabetical-only ordering of thoughts you lose all of the organization built into a Brain using thought Types. So suddenly carefully constructed hierarchies are all gone.  
7.  When activating a Web Thought URL in a Notes field in the Web Client, why do you have to go through the extra step of clicking on the link again when the "Open URL in New Tab" message pops up.  It's not as if there's even another option presented (just the open in a new tab option, which is the right thing to do).  

These are all items that reflect backward movement between TB8's Webbrain and TB9's Web Client, and all very relevant to the user experience when people not used to TB are involved.  As such they represent bugs to me rather than feature requests.  I really do want to take advantage of a couple of great new TB9 Web Client features, but given how confusing most first-time visitors find the TB interface, it's key to get what seems like relatively simple fixes implemented.  

+100 -- All my plans for shared TB9 projects are hold now because of these issues. Really looking forward to seeing fixes for these bugs and missing features.

Additional TB9 web client issues are detailed here.
I appreciate your 'most wanted' list and have confirmed that these (and Metta's list from the other link) are all documented.

Thank you,
Many thanks, Matt! Appreciate your documentation of Mark's "most wanted" list (and my wish list) for T9 web client.

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