In Preferences|Look & Feel, one can activate 'Show label for active Thought'. So far, so good. Picture 1 shows that the thought doesn't have a label. 

LabelForActiveThough1.png  LabelForActiveThough2.png
This issue is especially annoying, if this option is activated and the thought doesn't have a label, because then there is NO matching option in the preferences. Only if one happens to know that the type doubles for a label on typed thoughts, there is a chance to switch the display of the type off.

There should be an additional option like 'Show type for active typed thoughts.' or similar.
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.

Yes, in this scenario, if a Thought has a Thought Type assigned, the Thought Type label will always appear (unless the individual Thought has it's own Label. This it the same behavior in v9 as it was for v8 as you have mentioned.  I'm thinking that this is something that will simply need to be defined in upcoming v9 documentation.

Thank you,

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