On my Mac (Mac Book Air, running OSX 10.13.5; Brain v. 9.0.264), The Brain is consuming CPU resources like crazy (64-69% in the background; 100%+ when app is in use). This is forcing my fan to run nearly constantly, and draining my battery fast.

Not good. Especially annoying because I am using The Brain more and more.

Something is amiss here. Please address!



Thank you for reporting.  We're actively looking into this issue.  When you get a chance, can you replicate the issue and then send a copy of your Output.log file into Support@thebrain.com for further review? This file can be located by clicking on Help > Open Log Directory in TheBrain application.

Thank you,
Same issue with CPU consumption on Mac
Brain is in a separate desktop, not being touched nor visible for 10 minutes at least.
(even when not 'expanded' in a desktop, same issue)

Yet the CPU consumption never goes below 40%
When mild usage (opening some thoughts) it immediately peaks to > 100%

  • Mac OS 10.13.6
  • Brain 9.1.11

I used the brain for a long time, quitted a few years ago using it because of this high CPU consumption.
Wanted to give this great tool another try, but I am disappointed to see that this issue is not solved at all.

The brain cooks my macbook, instead of the other way around.

PLEASE fix this.

Kind regards
Luc Click image for larger version - Name: screenshot 2.png, Views: 69, Size: 283.76 KB Click image for larger version - Name: screenshot.png, Views: 69, Size: 36.71 KB
before you ask 😏
The log directory is empty
Changes were made that addressed this issue on macOS for many people in 9.1.7 (issue #2138).

If TB is in the background and is not syncing or otherwise busy doing a long running task (such importing or backing up), CPU usage should drop below 15% within 60 seconds.

Please provide more details as since we made the changes in 9.1.7, we have been unable to reproduce this issue.

When you say "Brain is in a separate desktop", do you mean in fullscreen mode on a separate virtual desktop?

If you run TB as a normal window on your main screen do you also see this problem?

How many tabs do you have open?

If you quit and restart TB, can you reproduce the problem immediately?


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