Navigating Plex leads to very high CPU usage (150%) on a MacBookPro 11,5 (Core i7 2.5 GHz 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2GB VRAM). If I limit CPU usage using cputhrottle command on thebrain9 process, I can notice that it does not impact navigation performance, so I'm really wondering what can justify this high CPU usage. Did anybody faced this behavior ?
Am I right in understanding that TB v9 is developed using Xamarin?

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TheBrain v9.0.163.0
macOS 10.12.3
MacBook Pro 13,1 (late 2016) 2.4Gz i7, 16GB RAM, Intel Iris 540 GPU

I have the same issue with TB9 on Windows10. A few minutes after I open TB9 (, CPU usage goes up to nearly 100% and laptop fan is roaring. Even if its just open in the background. I usually open TB right after I start up and leave it open. It's been happening at least with the last two Beta releases.

I'm experimenting with a small utility called BES to restrict CPU usage for TB. Been running it for several hours today without issue, so I have a workaround for the moment.
Thanks for reporting - we're always happy to review your Output.log file if you see the CPU spike again in the future.

Thank you,
Mattt, I provided log and detailed CPU measure to the support team (Request #54480). Development team answer (rather expeditious I think) : "During navigation, CPU usage will always be high. This is the nature of the application and the contents".

Thanks for posting.  I found your log file and appended to the documentation of this issue.  I'm noticing that the log is from version 9.0.158. Would it be possible for you to update to the latest release and replicate this issue - again, capturing an Output.log file during the CPU spike?

Thank you,
Hi Matt, I reproduced this with 9.0.175. I joined the log in https://support.thebrain.com/hc/en-us/requests/54967.

Here is typical CPU usage by just navigating the Plex. It looks like the more links you have on the Plex, the highest CPU level is

10:00:21  5384  24,3 TheBrain 9
10:00:24  5384  61,5 TheBrain 9
10:00:27  5384  86,2 TheBrain 9
10:00:30  5384  60,7 TheBrain 9
10:00:33  5384  69,7 TheBrain 9
10:00:36  5384  26,5 TheBrain 9
10:00:39  5384  73,3 TheBrain 9
10:00:42  5384 109,9 TheBrain 9
10:00:45  5384  61,9 TheBrain 9
10:00:48  5384  94,1 TheBrain 9
10:00:51  5384  89,5 TheBrain 9
10:00:54  5384  80,2 TheBrain 9
10:00:57  5384  93,7 TheBrain 9
10:01:00  5384 133,5 TheBrain 9
10:01:03  5384  83,1 TheBrain 9
10:01:06  5384 101,2 TheBrain 9
10:01:09  5384  96,6 TheBrain 9
10:01:12  5384  75,3 TheBrain 9
10:01:15  5384 132,7 TheBrain 9
10:01:18  5384  83,7 TheBrain 9
10:01:21  5384  96,9 TheBrain 9


Thank you for the info. We'll add this to our documentation on it.

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