I kindly request High DPI support for TheBrain.
Due to scaling TheBrain looks terrible on a 4K resolution screen in Windows 10.

Windows 10 | Beta testing TheBrain

Thank you for the suggestion. I will bring it up with our engineers.
No idea, why the TheBrain team is unable to tell us the solution to this problem, even though there is one, at least in TheBrain 7. There, there are two executables in the program file folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TheBrain; TheBrain.exe and PersonalBrain.exe. While TheBrain.exe obiously tells Windows 10, wrongly, that it is dpi-aware even though it is not, which leads to this terribly wrong scaling, rendereing TheBrain unusable, PersonalBrain.exe does not. With PersonalBrain.exe scaling does work just fine.
I hope this is the case also for the folks that have switched to TheBrain 8.

Even Touch-Keyboard Input now works just perfect with PersonalBrain.exe: If the on-screen keyboard is brought up, TheBrain automatically resizes, so no part of the window is hidden behind it.

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