I recently bought a large monitor and I've come up with a nice way of arranging the Tools in TheBrain.

First, I tried floating the various Tools but the positions are not preserved when launching TheBrain the next time, so I've gone with all Tools docked.

Notes and Thoughts (which are the only two tools that reference a single thought) are in a section docked at the bottom left, which works because both sections require quite a bit of horizontal space. 

Search and Reports are docked together at the bottom right, 

Types and Tags are docked together on the left, in a long vertical box that is consistent with lists of relatively short items.

The Calendar is docked on the right. The Week view allows me to see a lot of Events for each day.

I had to play the width and height of the various sections but I now have plenty of room for the Plex, even if I don't go full-screen.

How do you arrange the Tools?
I spent quite a bit of time trying various custom arrangements, I ended up settling on the default. Double clicking pops the menus up when I need them. Boring, I know, but I bounce back and forth between using my laptop vs. a large monitor and this feels consistent. On the large monitor I have TB show up on every desktop, and it generally occupies most of the right half of my T'bolt display. I generally use it in full screen on my 13" P'book retina.

OSX 10.13 
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)
3.3 GHz Intel Core i5
32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
I use notes a lot, so they take the left 1/3 of the application, and are the first tab. I also have the search, reports and calendar tools there because when I need them I want the vertical space.
Thought, types and tags are the bottom 1/4 of the application, I fimd they need more vertical and less horizontal space than the others.
I experimented a lot over the years with different layouts, but once monitors went from square'ish to more rectangular, this configuration is where I end up.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
Cerebrum wrote:

Types and Tags are docked together on the left, in a long vertical box that is consistent with lists of relatively short items.

How do you arrange the Tools?

I really liked that arrangement, when someone in the Forum described it some months ago; but I found that it was unstable, and seemed to cause problems with TB.  So, I went back to all across the bottom. I just re-arranged them again, in this order: 
Search and Types together; Tags, Notes and Calendar together, in the longest tab group; Thought and Reports in separate boxes. TB_2015.01.29_19h52m52s_012_.png 
Since I rely heavily on the Notes tool, and I want to be able to easily scan the note contents while navigating the plex, the Notes tool is always in view in the top two thirds of the upper left-hand corner.

I also use the "Advanced Tools Layout" (under Options) since it allows me to easily maximize the notes editor or open it in an entirely separate window. (Both options are very helpful for taking notes during phone calls, webinars, etc.)

All the other tools are positioned in the lower left-hand corner (immediately below the notes):
-- The "Thought" tab as the default since I add lots of attachments and want easy access to them, both visually and physically. If necessary, the height of the Notes editor can easily be adjusted down if I need more space to view the full list of attachments.
-- Since I usually set the thought type and add tags when the thought is created, it is easy enough to toggle and expand these tabs if and when changes are needed.
-- Search, reports and calendar are used much less frequently so I only go there if/when needed.

This layout allows for full height display of the plex (with easily adjustable width) which is great for managing the huge volume of thoughts stored in my mega brain.

I also make regular use of the plex-only view (simply double click on the plex) when I need better visibility for navigating dense areas of my brain.

Also, my megabrain is always docked on the side of my screen, so it is easily accessible at any time day or night.


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