I'm a heavy user of TheBrain, but still haven't found a use for the timeline.

If you do use it, in what context?

Sorry if this has been discussed before.
Juan Gutierrez, M.D.
Take a look at this: Timeline and Events.
Here's a post in that topic that is especially useful: How zenrain uses the Timeline.

I don't use the Timeline because  I'm waiting for the ability to filter and sync based on some kind of "Event Type/Category". 

Edited: Added link to zenrain's post.
Follow-up... Not much has changed in my usage thus far. I'm also now using it for tracking my own personal development regimen, for example I'll add workouts, or if a day is supposed to be heavy or light, or recurring events like reviewing x.
I do still have "Daily" thoughts (thoughts with the days date on them) and Weekly thoughts. I use them mainly for diary entries and week overviews for accomplishments.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
In my Work brain I use the timeline to visualize capacity. The majority of my work projects are sequential, finished from start to end, then the next project begins. I used to use Dynalist with a series of "slots" to visualize that. I have a client document listing clients and their projects. Then a Slots document with 12 slots where I link back to those projects.

Using TheBrain for client/project stuff speeds up that worklfow. I now have Clients with their projects as child thoughts. The start and duration of the project goes as an event. Timeline is always open, 99% of the time in month view. It's easy to see where I'm full, where there's place; what's the next available slot.

In my Personal brain it is tempting to use the timeline for historic overview. Doing that would require quite a bit of updating of old time events, so that's what's holding me back.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | TheBrain v10.0.30.0
I have tried but not purchased TheBrain 9 Pro.

Has anyone used the Timeline like "detectives in police TV series", that is :

1. brainstorming with lots of POST-ITson a wall  (==> creating thoughts & events in TheBrain plex)
2. organising them chronologically                     (==> go to Timeline view)

I'd be curious.

Ideally I'd love to take my main brain's dated entries and all assign them a place on the timeline....but that's for another lifetime
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | TheBrain v10.0.30.0
I have been experimenting with my task manager - Nozbe

Nozbe Scheduled Items - Google Cal - The Brain

I mostly use Evernote for my random bits of info during the day, a semi organised scrap book - which links nicely with Nozbe (integration is A1).

Any occasions where I have a huge amount of new info or ideas I can then link an event to some thoughts in the Brain. 

Not a complete integration but a rough and useful one. Only thing is the timeline feature doesn’t show on the iPad - so really this is a once or twice a week thing when gardening my brain

i did also try with droptask - nice visual integration but don’t use at the moment. 
I started using Timeline connected to my Google Calendar when it was first introduced. I notice though when you search, Timeline entries are shown. That's okay for one-time events but on repeated occurrences, they don't mean much and also clog up the search. Consequently, I turned the feature off.

If there is a way to exclude timeline entries in a search, please let me know.

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