Harlan and his team have decided a few years ago to rewritten TheBrain with the focus again on the Desktop version. There we can use the full potential of the software. Problem, in these last few years Smartphones and Tablets for mobile use became so good that there is no nuch need to use a Windows PC. A lot of young people even have no PC or Mac. The are doing all stuff with their mobile devices.

If TheBrain is our main software to organize all stuff, we must use the Desktop version. As Harlan wrote in a further comment the coming mobile Apps are like the existing versions, with not much functionality. So for sure this is not enough to use TheBrain in daily life, may be in a few years... ;-)

If a software company today decides to rewrite their programm, it makes sense to work with the motto "Mobile first, Cloud first" with a similar user interface on all plattforms.

At the moment it is how it is. Now I find an interesting hardware device, which is small and light like a Tablet, but a full Windows device: Lenovo Yoga Book.

Download (4).jpg  Download (3).jpg  Download (2).jpg  Download (1).jpg  Download.jpg  images (1).jpg 

It would be great if someone has tested TheBrain with this device and specially with the pen and can give us a report...!

There is an Android version of the device, too, but then I have to use the App... :-(

Allow me to clarify the status of the TheBrain on mobile devices... Like the desktop, the mobile versions of TheBrain 9 have also been completely rewritten. We have invested (and continue to invest) a tremendous amount of effort into the iOS and Android platforms. Each has it's own native interface that is designed to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the OS. The new versions for both iOS and Android now feature the full visual interface just like the desktop as well as full syncing capability with offline access. 

As an authoring environment, mobile devices simply do not have the tools to support many of the advanced features that most of our customers rely on (smooth integration with third party software, drag and drop to and from other applications, precise pointing devices, keyboards, large screens, multiple-monitors, etc, etc). While some of these things are starting to become available, they are far from commonplace. As such, the mobile versions are not the same and it does not make sense for us as a company to focus the majority of our efforts on environments that you, our customers, are not primarily focussed on.

Over time, the mobile versions will become more capable, but as long as they feature tiny screens and a touch interface without a keyboard, their user interface will not be the same as the desktop versions.

As for the particular machine you are contemplating, while we have not specifically tested on this device, all full Windows 10 capable machines (not Windows 10 S) will run TheBrain 9 well.


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