I created a small brain today which will be my first online public brain.  It has about 20 thoughts, most with weblinks and notes. I synced it first, then zipped it.  I was still looking at the directions to upload it (I am running PB 6) when I logged in to my account online.  To my surprise, it said "preparing" - and it's been saying that for about half an hour now.

Is this usual?  I am at a university so on an institutional (hard, not wireless) connection, which is usually very fast.  I want to write a blog post about this brain, but first I want to see what it actually looks like online, so I do want to see it, well, NOW.  Thanks, Elisabeth
Less judgement, more curiosity
I don't recall it taking that long to prepare a new WebBrain before. It could be the server is slow right now, although the syncs seems to be functioning normally, so I'm not sure. Sorry.
macOS 10.12.5
TheBrain 9.0.219
Interesting.  I finally decided to try the cloud services yesterday despite the "beta" warning, and I have found that it has been taking a long time to "Prepare" my files.  I say "long" because the brain I am using has ~3400 thoughts, some notes and 0 internal attachments.  I can upload fine (over a fast fiber optic connection), but I can't access the brain online for a long time.  It doesn't seem like it should take more than an hour to process this data; but if others are having issues, maybe there is currently a server issue.  I'm kind of hoping there are server issues, actually, because I've been finding corruption in this brain from the cloud service experience like I've never experienced on the desktop alone.  I don't want to have to recreate the brain like zenrain did.
Well, after sleeping on it, I discovered that at least part of the problem was my browser (Chrome v. 25.0 on Win 8 Pro) cache.  Cloud services still said "Preparing" this morning, but after I cleared the cache it said the brain was ready.  Of course, once I opened it there were no visible thoughts, so I still have the corruption problem somewhere.

Could you please contact support directly at or so we can take a closer look at this issue? Thank you.
Patrick Thompson
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