What is the storage limit for the Brain Service Cloud account?

I have looked at TheBrain web page for a FAQs page or something that will tell me how much data I can store on my Brain Cloud account but I have not been able to find any information. I have been only attaching links instead of files to my thoughts in order to save space. However, it has occurred to me that paying $159 per year for a cloud account that I cannot store large quantities of data on is very expensive. Can anyone tell me how much data can be stored in a Cloud services account?
Hi Fred,

The limit for storage space for an individual cloud services account is 30 GB. The file size of your Thoughts and notes do not count against this, but internal attachments do. It is also a cumulative limit, so a 20 GB Brain will leave 10 GB for all other Brains, not 30 GB per Brain.

If TheBrain Cloud were simply cloud storage, it would be very expensive. However, cloud storage is only a tiny part of what TheBrain can do. TheBrain Cloud is designed to sync your Brain files to a cloud service that can be accessed on the web, keep Brains up to date on multiple machines, and is cross platform including mobile devices. 

Cheers, Sean
Where/how can we check to see where we stand in terms of our current file storage usage in TB9 and TB8?
I believe the Statistics window shows internal file sizes in both versions. However it would be nice if we had an view of the overall % of capacity from the WebBrain Account page.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.239
Thanks, ZenRain, for the reminder about the size info in the stats window of each brain.

+1 for % of capacity on account page
-- Would help to have a comprehensive summary of all capacity currently in use across multiple brains.

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