have used in the past several years ago only on windows with a lot of success
Now I have decided to install the software also onAndroid tablet thinking the combo version grant me to have an access to the same toughts for different platform (Windows and Android)
I have tried Yesterday without success, do you have any suggestions? Here you will see 2 Brain created in Windows and nother 2 Brain on right side create on Android why there isn't a unique place?
Brain Desktops Windows10 and Android.JPG   

If I am understanding your question correctly, you are trying to understand why your Brains are not syncing across platforms? If so, it helps to confirm that you are using the same versions of TheBrain across devices. It appears that you are using TheBrain 9 on your desktop, so if you wish to see the synced Brains online, please log into To make sure that your Android device syncs with these Brains as well, please make sure to follow the instructions in this link ( if you have not already done so.

To clarify, you are logging into which will sync with TheBrain version 8 but not version 9.

Louis Kane

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