Snipaste_2018-04-18_10-59-26.png I do not know what happen ? when I open the Thebrain 9  how to solve this?

Thanks for posting.  This type of error typically only occurs if you move/edit files in your Brains directory from outside the application (in Windows explorer).

I'll send you a private, direct message on a quick fix for this issue.

Thank you,
I became aware of the same problem some days ago when I got the following message:
Brain Data Verification
Data is missing from the following location:
Were files from these folders ...
The missing folders had the names B01 to B28. The folders in U00 had the names B29 and so on. The "thumbnail panel" contained thumbnails corresponding to folders B29 and so on. It also contained greyed and inactive thumbnails that seemed to correspond to folders B0 to B29.
How can this be repaired?

Hi Oddur,

I responded on your support ticket a few days ago, but it looks like it was a different email. In your case, you will need to move the folders that are listed in that message to the correct U0x folder. I've emailed you with more specific instructions.

Cheers, Sean

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