Has anyone come up with a good way to do to-do list management in TheBrain?

It seems silly to have "another place" where I enter "things that I think of" depending on whether they are to-do list items or "other thoughts".

But I can't see how to tidly manage an ordered list in TheBrain



You can create Thoughts for each task then create a calendar event for each Thought and fill in your task details in the description field for the calendar event. You can also use the checkbox feature in the Notes section (in notes you can insert a checkbox by selecting Insert > Insert Checkbox) to insert your task with a checkbox next to it so that you can check off your task when you have completed it. Also, you can use the Tags feature to mark certain tasks completed by creating a "completed" Tag. You can track with a series of Tags or Thought Types, example, complete a project - change the thought type from "in progress" to "completed".
I've been trying to follow the GTD methodology using task lists and project designators.

  • Each project gets its own Thought and has a Thought Type of "Project", with the Thought Icon being a hammer
  • Each project that is urgent/high importance has its Type changed to "Project - Top" with the Thought Icon being a hammer, but it is red
  • All tasks are put in the project's note field with a checkbox next to it. It was too time consuming to create a thought for each task
    • This allows me to see my list of tasks for a project and change the text as needed (for example, if I need to do task A, and then I sent an email to someone and I"m waiting for a response, I'll put a "(w - name)" next to it to show I'm waiting for that person.
    • Once the task is complete, I will check the checkbox
    • I can rearrange the tasks as needed and get a quick overview of what has been done
  • All files, docs, other Thoughts for that project are Children of that project Thought

When I need to get a full list of my projects, I use the reporting area and choose "Project" or "Project - Top". This is essentially creating the task lists that are referenced in GTD.
@vmilhoan ~

How do you quickly and easily scan across multiple project thoughts to find those individual to-do items that are the most urgent?

That has always been my challenge with trying to use TB for task management: I haven't found any good way to filter and view a variety of priority items that are spread across a variety of different project thoughts.

I could try sorting them by priority tags, but that can quickly become a tag nightmare since one project thought could have a variety of different priority tasks detailed in the notes.

Even if I highlight the high priority items by color, they still are all buried in my sea of project thoughts.

Any suggestions? Hints & tips?
I would love to hear everyone's hints/tips for this too [smile]

I find it's somewhat hard to stay all digital at work (I may need to present my screen and take notes at the same time), so I started experimenting with adding a paper layer to my process. I have been putting together a daily list of 3 top projects to focus on for the day, along with a few lines of tasks that creep up. It's not perfect, and my main project list is still to look at the project Type in TB.

I have also started making some use of events on the timeline to mark the "next" task for a project that has to be done on a certain day if applicable. So, still playing around with some various options.
See my thoughts here on the forum in regard to using TB as a task manager. I find it better for higher level thinking (20,000 feet and up) then for runway and 10,000 feet task management.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeEverdo | Dynalist | Liner | TheBrain v9.0.239.0

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