My fault for being lazy, perhaps. I was reading a long article on wikipedia, and I thought "why take notes? why not just change notes into code view, right click on the wikipedia entry and select "view page source". Hit ctrl-a, ctrl-c, alt-tab back to thebrain, and type ctrl-v. 

Trouble. That's why not.

editlive error.png 
Clicking "OK" was not ok. After that, the dialog closed, but thebrain windows were missing their control items. There was a truncated message in the notes window saying something about restarting, so I closed thebrain and re-opened it.

This gave me a "TheBrain has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution...." (I've been down this road before, and corrected this problem by restoring a backup copy of  thebrain8preferences.xml to "C:\Users\My Files\AppData\Roaming\TheBrain")

After that, thebrain restarted properly. Then I attempted to re-open the brain file I had been working in. Yikes!
thebrain error.png 

OK. So I've been looking around for something like a file lock. Suggestions? Help?
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
Fixed this. I found the db lock file, and after making a copy, I deleted it. Less than a second later, the file was back. So I deleted it again. Again, it came right back. "Aha", I thought. In the task manager, I could see that there were actually two vestigial thebrain.exe instances still running. I nuked these. Then I deleted the lock file. Then I restored my backup of the preferences file. Bingo.

All good now.
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
Yay! [smile]
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.230
Fantastic! Thanks for the update.


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