HI Guys,
 I would like to use thebrain as my go to place from which I can organise my information and hooking in to the above mentioned services how do I go about doing that in v9? forsomethingo that I would have thought to be so simple - I have tried many things for hours and looked up tutorials for hours and have still found nothing specific in this regard - i.e. I just want  thought cared iCloud which would take me to all my folders - not specific files so that I could see those folders within thebrain - when I tried to move iCloud into v9 it said there were multiple files with long names and couldn't do it and thebrain went into a fritz and whats worse thebrain suggested I copy the error log report and it gave me a file pathway but I couldn't locate that on my own Mac ? can someone please help with these multiple issues?

Thank you for posting. Am I correct in understanding that you simply want a link in your Brain that points to a directory in your dropbox or to an external hard drive? If you are linking a local file, Windows has a 260 character path limit. This may not effect you on a macOS device, but TheBrain syncs to TheBrain Cloud which is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers. A long file path could/would cause problems, so we suggest sticking with file names that are no longer than 150 characters. (The remaining 110 characters are used by the path leading up to the file name.) 

So you do have some options. First, you since you are only creating a link - not moving the files into your Brain, you can always keep track of the full path in your notes.  Additionally, Dropbox typically has a URL path for files and directories. You should be able to link the URL to any of these items to a Thought in your Brain.

Finally, TheBrain's log files are typically located in:

Macintosh HD/Users/[user name]/.TheBrain/v9/Logs

The .TheBrain folder is not normally visible on Mac OS (it's a hidden/protected directory). To get to the log folder you can click on Help -> Open Log Directory in TheBrain application, or open Finder: Go -> Go to Folder and type "~/.TheBrain" (without quotes). Then go to: v9 -> Logs.

Thank you,


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