I'm keen to use TB9 as the visual engine to illustrate very complex inter-relationships (and publication status) of hundreds of documents (THOUGHTS). These have:
  1. relatively few document TYPES
  2. about 20 different stages of publication status TAGS
  3. multiple classification hierarchy THOUGHT schemes such as:
    1. subject groupings
    2. author groups
    3. inter-relationships such as high-level documents (PARENT) that rely on sub-ordinate documents (CHILD) and external reference documents (JUMPS).
Given the volume of documents, and that status and relationships are transient and published on the web by others, I expect its going to easier to manage the bulk of relationships and document meta-data (TYPES, TAGS) externally to TB9 (say Excel) and then import them into TB9. I therefore need to be able to import TYPES & TAGS.

To do a Periodic update of the documents / status, I'm keen to preserve any changes that I'd made within TB9. While TB9 can export the THOUGHT hierarchy, I'm also wanting to export each THOUGHT's respective TYPE and TAGS to complete the round trip.

I'd be happy to import / export small branches using text outline, rather than  JSON <--> BRZ
Win 10 Pro 64 (v1803)

Thank you for posting. Yes, the import of tags and types is a documented feature request that we hope to include in a future build.

Thank you,
@dilbert ~

In the meantime, here's a work-around for exporting thought types and tags to another brain, in case it might help.

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