Is there a way to import browser bookmarks rather than one at a time?  I'm using Firefox  Ideally, I'd like to be able to drag and drop my bookmark folders into the plex and have PB4 translate each folder into a parent thought and its contents into child thoughts.  I experimented with this.  When I dragged a folder that contained bookmarks onto the plex, the folder appeared as a link before I dropped it.  When I dropped it, nothing happened.

I also tried dragging a thought link from the plex to a bookmark folder.  The thought link disappeared as soon as my cursor crossed the border of the PB4 window.  I couldn't even drag it onto a Web page displayed in a Firefox tab.

To sum it all up, I'm asking a question about getting browser bookmarks into PB4 more quickly AND I'm reporting a problem I'm having with creating thoughts by dragging a link from the plex to a Web page or a browser bookmark.

Thanks for any help.


I've tried this with IE7....did the same and the out come was the same.

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I migrated to Mac so i'm not entirely sure anymore, but it used to be the case that Firefox bookmarks were stored in one HTML file. So unless there is some special purpose importing mechanism, Firefox bookmarks cannot be shown as folders in PB. The bookmarks of MSIE on the other hand used to be a regular folder structure with link files. Adding a link to this folder (I think you want to look for the "favourites" folder in your home directory) from PB should thus show them nicely as virtual folders.


Wouter VdB

Wouter is correct... With IE you can drag and drop your favorites folder into PB. For Firefox, this is a pending feature. The best way to import in the meantime would be to open your bookmarks and drag and drop them from Firefox (grab the icon next to the address bar) into PB4 one a time.


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