I see there have been various discussions on this without resolution.

I initially succeeded to import a Word Outline document but I have tried to add to it by importing another without success.

If I try importing into the 'top' level it sometimes add the file as a note, other times nothing is added.

If I try importing the file into the Thought where I wish to place it nothing imports.

On all attempts I get the message to the effect that it cannot undo the import and I select 'Yes' to continue but the message box at the top of the screen says "importing 0 of 0".

I am running Version and MSWord in Office 2013.
Word Outline Importing should be working fine in both v8 and v9.  It may have something to do with the formatting in the document.  Can you send us a sample file of something that is not working for you?

Thank you,
I can't read rtfd files in PB 9 ?
Hi Anton,

I just tested this, and .rtf files do not preview within TheBrain content area. However, .txt files do preview directly in the content area. Also, .rtf files can be attached, and will be opened in the correct application when clicked on within TheBrain.

Cheers, Sean

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