ThoughtContextMenu.png The inconsistent order of the 'Tags' and 'Type' selections force the user always to look and to remember which menu she is in.

Why sometimes the concrete thought name and sometimes the generic term 'Thought' is used, is beyond me. Using the generic 'Thought' seems to be the better choice, because with the name, the command looks a little bit different for every thought chosen. So one has to reassure oneself if the right position is selected. This works against forming a habit.

Still more confusing: The 'Edit' menu says: 'Copy Thought Help'. And there WITHOUT the quotation marks around "Help", but with a shortcut which is missing in the thought's context menu.

Yet another inconsistency: In the context menu, the 'Private' command is a toggle, in the Selection's context menu, it is a submenu with two options.
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.

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