this might be an easy and really helpful feature to include. It could be turned on/off in the preferences.

If one wants to create a new thought about an objective, existing concept, chances are high that there is a wikipedia article on it. For those using The Brain as a learning tool, it would be awesome to be presented with wikipedia articles as you type a new thought name. Selecting one would create the Thought and insert the respective link to it.

It would also be great to be able to choose between wikipedia/everipedia/lunyr (once it's up and running).

Articles in everipedia are categorized according to The categories are hierarchically organized. It should therefore also be possible within The Brain, to display suggestions for a Thought category, immediately upon thought creation, based on the article metadata.

This would be a serious improvement in my opinion. 

On a side note, maybe you have heard of the memex before (, as described in this essay from 1945(!):

It's a longer read, but still amazing. I think TheBrain is the closest thing to a memex, in particular because the links between thoughts can have categories, names and notes as well. Hypertext doesn't have that, but graph databases do.

curious about your feedback,


Thanks for posting.  You can quickly search for any Active Thought Name in the web by clicking on Options > Web Search (F4 on a Windows machine or Command+E on a macOS) Usually, Wikipedia is one of the first things that show up.  You can then drag and drop the search result into your Brain, copy/paste etc.  You can even set up your default search engine to be used in this feature to Wikipedia which I believe will accomplish your request.

Thank you,
Thanks, I didn't know the Web Search. I think it would be even more helpful if it used the internal browser, to stay in the workflow and choose a weblink to add to the active thought right away. Opening the web search in the browser of the active thought, and a "Set URL" button, would be awesome.

Related question:
I have noticed for a while now that drag-and-drop of hyperlinks from the internal browser to the plex consistently crashes the program. Has this been noticed? TheBrain on MacOS HS 10.13.2.


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