I just went through the procedure to install TB9 iOS Beta on my iPhone.

I already had TB8 for iOS installed on my iPhone. I installed TestFlight and used TestFlight (and redemption code) to install TB9. Since I already had TB8 iOS app installed, the install procedure asked if I wanted to replace the TB8 iOS app with the TB9 iOS Beta app. I said yes.

To be safe, I shut down restarted my iPhone.

After this I opened the TB app from the iOS and was presented with my TB8 brains. I went to settings (from within the TB app) and saw that
  • the version was
  • the server was
According to another TB9 iOS Beta forum thread on this topic, the server should have been (which redirects to

I also opened the TB app from within TestFlight and got the same results.

I went to TB settings from within iOS and there was nothing there that looked helpful (only switches for Photos and Cellular Data).

Bottom Line: There is (or must be) a problem with my installation of TB9 iOS Beta App. Given this, I have questions
  • Is version correct for TB9? If this is not the correct TB9 version, how do I get the correct version?
  • Assuming I have the correct version, how do I point this correct version of the TB9 app to the correct TB9 server ( or instead of, where it is now pointing, to the TB8 server (
  • OR, is there something else I should be looking at ?
Thank you for your help with this problem.
It's a little unintuitive but you tap the i button in the top left to switch between V8 / V9 within the same application.

As shown below.

Brain iOS.PNG
Thanks. It worked.

One point for anyone else who this might help (and for completeness) ... Since I was already logged into TB8, from within the TB app, I had to first logout
  • Tap the settings icon in the upper left corner
  • Tap the Logout command towards the lower left middle of the settings screen
Then, I could
  • Tap the "i" in the top left corner of the login screen
  • Change the TB version from 8 to 9, and then
  • Login again
And, it worked.

Thanks again.
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update and feedback.

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