I'm looking for a way to filter my thoughts for selection so I can export different parts of my brain for different purposes.  However, I don't want my brain's viewers to see the means I use for filtering our specific thoughts.

 Using private vs. not private is too limiting as I'll need more than 2 values (private or not) for filtering

I know we can't hide tags and that types show up in a webbrain when you cursor over the thought.  

Is there anyway to prevent the type from showing in the plex when you cursor over a thought in a webbrain?  Is there any other way to categorize thoughts that won't show up in a webbrain?


There is currently no way to do this online. We are working on adding more features, however.
Any updates on this?

I need to be able to filter for specific types in webbrain.
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Thanks for checking in.  I believe your best option would be to copy the selected thoughts you wish to share and paste them into a second Brain with different settings/access for your viewers.

This can be done rather quickly in a few different ways.  I would recommend creating a tag or series of tags (Group A, Group B, Group C, etc.)  It's fine if some thoughts fall into both Group A and B or any other combination.

Next, run a Report to see all Group A thoughts.

Click on Edit > Add Report Results to Selection.

Now, you can copy all Thoughts in your selection box and paste them into a new Brain.  This Brain can be synced and shared with a very specific set of users.

This process uses some of the more advanced features of the application. I'm happy to walk you through this process in a web meeting if you'd like.  Just contact support@thebrain.com and we'll put something on the schedule.

Thank you,


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