Is there a way to navigate and set/edit links using the keyboard? I can create jumps using the keyboard but when I want to set a link type or label, I need to use the mouse
Using: Evernote | FilterizeEverdo | Dynalist | Liner | TheBrain v9.1.8.0

Thanks for posting.  This feature request is documented and we hope to include this options in a future release.

Thank you,
I was looking again at this tonight, looking for workarounds, and thought I would follow up.

Whenever possible I try to future-proof my setups. I'm not always going to be young neither 100% able.

When you have a couple of thoughts, selecting a link with a mouse is easy, perhaps even when you hand and eye coordination is (a lot) less. When you have a bunch of thoughts, you need high precision to get it right: even now I have trouble sometimes micro-selecting the right link.

Although I use link labels and directional arrows regularly, I'm hesitant to make them a full feature of my brain, suspecting that one day it will become a lot harder to use/access them. Even without using those features, selecting a link, to make it standout, can be handy though.

That's why I'm looking for a better way.

Currently you can move around thoughts using the cursors keys. I would be A-OK to press ALT+cursor keys to navigate the links from that thought. Easier said than done but I thought I would add it anyway 😉
Using: Evernote | FilterizeEverdo | Dynalist | Liner | TheBrain v9.1.8.0
+1, great idea. 
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250

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