(I posted this as a comment to this thread

but I see the forum category will be closing soon and we're encouraged to post here, so i'm cross-posting it here. Thanks)


Just wanted to bump the post because i'm experiencing the problem as well. 

There's a noticeable lag when inputting text in the editor. 

It's not extreme (not like e.g. having to wait a full second for a letter you typed to appear in the note editor), but it's slow enough (maybe 0.2 second or so) to affect user experience.

My desktop resolution is also 1920 * 1080 for what it's worth. Windows 10. Dell XPS 15 latest model. IT worker so it's not an issue of virus/trojan affecting overall system performance, etc.

I can provide a screen recording if it's desired.

One thing that may perhaps provide a clue: the same lag exists if I load a webpage in the note editor area (, where I store some outlines) and try to edit text there. There is no lag if I input text into the Dynalist webapp in Chrome or Microsoft Edge, but there is a lag if I do so in TB's editor area.

Thanks for posting here.  Yes, a video may be helpful for us to review.  Also, are you scaling your resolution by any chance?  I believe this was mentioned in the last post and I'm curious if there's a connection.

Thank you,

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