1. Start with a new empty brain.
2. Create a new thought (IS).
3. Create a second thought as a jump thought (TheBrain).
    (see pic1)
4. Right Click on the link and 'Open Link Window'.
5. Enter Label 'inbound' and select direction from 'TheBrain' to 'IS'.
    (see pic2)
6. Close the Link Window.
    (The link arrow points from 'The Brain to 'IS'; so far so good).
7. Drag 'TheBrain' into the parent position.
    (The link arrow now points into the reverse direction (from 'IS' to 'TheBrain').
    (see pic3)
8. Drag 'TheBrain back into the jump position.
    (Now, the link arrow still points TO 'TheBrain'.)

Link Types show the same behavior!

IMHO, a direction, once defined, should not change!
Reinhard TB win8-64, J-1.7.0_x
Any feedback on this one?

This is not just cosmetics but has serious implications for the semantics of TheBrain (see pictures). This means, at the moment, the 'Set direction of the link' functionality is useless, i.e. I cannot reliably depict dependencies of software packages.
Reinhard TB win8-64, J-1.7.0_x

I can't help but think that this may be related to the thread on one-way links that's in the Issues forum.  That thread focuses on when the one-way links are visible or not (and visible when they're not supposed to be).  I had not seen the links reverse direction, but I've confirmed that that happens in Brain 7 as well when you change the parent-child relationship. 
I've written this up as a bug and let our engineers know. Thanks.
Patrick Thompson
TheBrain Technologies
I've just played around in this in and

For any 2 thoughts, I get two different behaviours :

scenario 1

- set a link direction
- drag a though to change the relationship
> link direction is remains

scenario 2

- set a link direction
- check the the One-way box
- drag a though to change the relationship
> link direction is reversed (if you drag around back & forth, it actually toggles the direction)

obviously this function needs investigating.



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