It’s been quite a while since I toyed with TheBrain. The skeletal plex I built over a year ago was moved successfully to version 9 while I had access to all features for the free version. My interest is again rekindled and I’m trying to move forward to determine whether or not I need to buy the PRO version for what I think I may use this program for in he future.

I’m stumped early on. I have a desktop OneNote 2010 from my MS Office 2010 Professional suite (desktop) and I’m trying to link a portion of a page in OneNote to a Child in my sketchy plex. It’s not working. When I click the label of the Child and get the secondary box under that label, it will take the text I paste into it but it isn’t a hypertext and it doesn’t take me to my page. Is the ability to make this type of link only possible through the PRO web version? If not, can you point me to an instruction page please.

P.S. Just stumbled upon a post of Youtube tutorials I'll take a look at later.


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