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I've looked but cannot find a clear answer to this question of is local storage on the iOS app planned? If so, roughly when.

I used TB extensively about 4 years ago but eventually and regretfully ended up with Evernote. If TB would only offer local storage on iOS and the ability to do OCR / searchable pdfs, I'd be back in an instant. I much prefer the snappy search response and overall layout mode that TB offers.


I gave up and gave my high dollar IPad to my son.

Really, software needs to determine hardware not vice versa.

There are plenty of good Windows tablets.

I think Apple if it was smart would make IPads that run Windows. 

They have recognized the importance of incorporating Windows before. FileMaker, ITunes, etc. run on Windows. Microsoft software such as Office runs on IOS, Android, and Mac. 

Ipads are are unquestionably excellent hardware and unquestionably excellent software exists for it especially in niches like aviation software but they should want as much software as possible to run on them. I am sure with their resources they could make it work.

When you say local storage, I assume you mean the data, not the app.

My sense is the business direction we're heading towards is cloud streaming and subscription pricing. I like the fact my data is in the TB cloud. It provides instant access for all my platforms: Mac desktop, iPad, iPhone, and any browser in Mac or Windows.

MS Office runs on iOS but MS really wants you to take out an Office 365 subscription and store your data in the OneDrive cloud. Even Adobe has moved their entire set of apps to their Creative Cloud for a monthly fee. Having said that, I was really intrigued to watch what Adobe plans for the iPad at the Oct 30th Apple Event.

I run Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro using Parallels. I'm not accessing Windows all that much. Just a couple of Win legacy programs that don't have a Mac equivalent or haven't moved to the cloud.

I agree with TB's inability to OCR/search PDFs. I don't do major searches in TB. I use both Evernote and TB. I store PDFs in EN and create shared links in TB. TB's embedded browser is useful in bringing up the EN note. I don't have a pressing need to have everything in one app as long as I have quick access.

Out of curiousity, do stories about Evernote's recent troubles worry you?https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/04/evernote-lost-its-cto-cfo-cpo-and-hr-head-in-the-last-month-as-it-eyes-another-fundraise/

We see the world not as it is but as we are.
Interesting story about Evernote. I had no idea that the fact that I'm trying to do without it would have such an impact ;-)
Yes, the cloud is good, but most of us do not have good internet everywhere we go, so it is good to have the info local also.  Fast internet nearly everywhere may be here in a few years with 5G. I think ios without local storage is excellent for occasional use on the phone but not serious work on a laptop replacement Ipad

Yes, links to Evernote or OneNote work OK but take more time to set up than merely dragging a file in to the brain. Having data in more than one system is inherently more complex. A big selling point of brain is having everything in one place.

I use onenote for some things that it excels at but in a perfect world I would use Brain for everything. By the way, accessing onenote or evernote through the web browser again assumes fast internet is available.
Thanks for everyone's points. I'm still short of an answer to my question; does anyone have any idea if TB developers have local storage on iOS as part of their roadmap?

I'm old and grey enough to not trust the cloud to always be there and one of the main reasons I stick with Evernote is that it gives me the option to download all or select Notebooks on my phone for occasions when the I don't have a signal on my phone. It happens, even in LA ;-)
Thanks everyone for posting. Yes, the current version of TheBrain for iOS (9.1.6) does store the data on your local device. I was working on my very own Brain this morning on my iPhone while on a plane with no internet. Once landed, I sync and all my changes are uploaded to TheBrain cloud 🙂

Additionally, TheBrain for iOS currently only searches on Thought names, but we're looking into pdf and other attachment searches in the future as well.


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