Three problems with syncing on iOS devices:

1. No automatic syncing
2. Syncing sometimes very slow
3. On-screen messages not informative

The app should sync automatically in a way that is similar to how it works in Evernote and OneNote. Seems archaic to have to tap an icon.

The syncing can take a long time, depending on how many changes were made in the desktop app. When I open the iOS app, I'm often looking for a recent thought or attachment. I have to wait for the app to launch and display the splash screen, then I have to select the brain (the app doesn't remember the previously opened brain), then I have to wait for the app to sync the brain, and then I can search for that one piece of information.

The on-screen messages are intrusive and they don't say anything that is meaningful to the user. Might as well just have the message "Syncing".  

I'm sure that the developers have looked at Background App Refresh but I'm also sure that this is difficult to implement for TheBrain.

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